The Rest of the Stories

FranklinQuoteEver feel like there’s more to the story when reading an article on a particular topic, person or program in higher education? So do we. In fact, more often than not, we know it for a fact and would love to share that knowledge, except there’s no place for it in the press release.

Behold, this blog! In addition to our usual fare of news and feature stories available on our official website to highlight all the latest breakthoughs, accomplishments and milestones of note for our faculty, staff and students, we will attempt to bring you occasional bonus coverage showcasing other news that’s equally fit to print — from tidbits and testimony, to anecdotes and insights, to stuff that we find just plain interesting. After all, when it comes to motivation, we writers are in it much for the same reasons as our subjects here in Texas A&M Science — curiosity.

In the meantime, chew on this noteworthy nugget: Many of our subjects are just as curious about writing as they are about math and science, and (go figure) they’re equally as good at it. We hear good things come to those who wait, so stay tuned as we add both entries and voices in hopes of broadening your perspective of all things Texas A&M Science!